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Our Services

Creating great user experiences (U/X) takes empathizing, defining users’ needs, challenging assumptions, prototyping solutions, and testing. We use apps including InVision, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq in these processes.

Our designers and developers think out of the box--as well as on its bottom, sides and flap-- collaboratively generating creative solutions that get us to the best product.

We are Code-Agnostic, meaning we use the best tools for the job, including Sublime Text3, AngularJS, PHP, Bootstrap, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Unity, Cordova, IonicX and many others.

Branding and Marketing

We market brands through storytelling, competitive differentiation, brand positioning, targeting, unique-selling propositions, thought leadership, use case personas and other tactics. Creating a strategy that penetrates and increases market share takes experience and creative execution. Our team will give your brand the upgrade to make an impact.

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Web Design & Development

Google’s latest algorithm penalizes companies whose websites are not mobile responsive. We’re developing more websites using custom WordPress CMS, but we also have deep expertise in other platforms such as PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, databases, APIs and other tools. Combining capabilities with custom code, we can create just about anything. Our designers love a challenge!

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SEO, Digital Advertising & Social Media

Looking to build a sustainable future for your website? At Rabid Minds, we have a proven record of achieving the ultimate goal—more conversions, more customers! A solid SEO strategy combines technical optimization, content optimization, and authority optimization. We’ll make sure your website ranks well with organic and paid search to achieve your goals, while leveraging your social communities.

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Mobile Development

By next year, it’s projected that there will be 6.1 billion mobile phones. Businesses are finding great ROI in providing their customers with their custom mobile app. Rabid Minds’ iOS and Android developers are leaders in building award-winning digital products for mobile, tablet, and beyond. Looking for some real bang for your buck? Ask about our hybrid-apps!

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Third Party Integrations (API)

An API lets a website exchange information with another website or service via an application programming interface (API). We can integrate your website with just about anything, including: Marketing and CRM Platforms; Google Maps Integration; Payment Processing (Merchant Terminal Set-up); ERP Systems; Product Databases; Email Clients; CanPay and Ticketing Systems. We also do Custom API Development.

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Inventory Management Solutions

Regardless of the inventory management system your business uses, the right technology can help you cut inventory costs by eliminating errors and automating purchasing orders. Even a small or medium business with a significant inventory component, can use technology to increase productivity and efficiency by automating purchase orders. Inventory management software that is integrated into the website is critical to eCommerce storefront success

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